1. What services does Will2Well offer? Briefly describe the range of services including personal training, group classes, and life coaching.
  2. What is the background of the founder, Zahra? Summarize Zahra’s qualifications and personal journey. 
  3. How can I join a class or a coaching session? Provide information on registration or booking procedures. – include a link to the free intro 
  4. Are there any programs for specific fitness levels or goals? Detail about tailored programs for different fitness levels and objectives. – include a link to the program section of the website
  5. What makes Will2Well different from other fitness platforms? Highlight unique aspects like Zahra’s story, our competitive advantages compared to other companies such as pelaton, etc.
  6. Do you offer any specialized programs for unique groups? (Unless it is not offered) Mention programs for schools, communities, and specific groups of people
  7. How does the partnership with NatCan enhance your services? Explain the benefits of the partnership.
  8. What are the pricing options for various services? Provide a brief overview of pricing structures.
  9. Can I try a class or service before committing? Information about the intro trial – include a link to it as well
  10. How does Will2Well contribute to the community? Discuss community engagement and support initiatives, – link to customer testimonials.